Our Goals

  • Create a national model for a coordinated multi-academic community partnership for public health research response to multiple environmental exposures for other cities across the nation that are faced with similar antecedent structural factors, including developing policy priorities for preventing such crises elsewhere.
  • Include a broad coordinated cross-section of Flint stakeholders.
  • Create shared resources for Flint research and service projects: common data elements, a data repository, and description of ongoing projects.

Our Vision

A Healthy Vibrant Community Building on Collaborative Research Partnerships

The Health Flint Research Coordinating Center was formed in June 2016. The Center aids in coordinating research conducted in Flint to minimize the duplicated efforts across local universities, increase community voice in the face of government mistrust, and ensure ethical community involvement. The HFRCC serves as a point of contact for academic researchers, community members and organizations, as well as state and local government officials looking for research connections and engagement. Our executive board meets every other week, to plan and discuss the advancement of the HFRCC, with a focus on building research capacity and collaboration and bringing more resources to Flint.

Our Mission

The HFRCC is organized to create synergy in research, foster ethical and respectful academic-community partnerships, and develop innovative solutions to community defined issues.